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Name:  Fagard
First Name: Kristof
Date of Birth: 23th of July 1981
Residence:  Kuringen, near Hasselt, as of September 2010; Eversel, near Heusden-Zolder.
Fonction: Drawing the story based on the script and Merho's pencil drawings. Digital recoloring and relettering of older books.

Who's your favorite character? Don't tell anybody, but I prefer Van Der Neffe, I really like the sourpuss.

Which Kiekeboe character do you prefer to draw or color?Again, Van Der Neffe, even though Tomboy is gaining up on him - fast!

Which Kiekeboe character do you resemble the most ? 

After a short survey among my family and friends, the opinions seem to be varied. They compare me to Konstantinopel, because of my technical expertise and interests, and to Uncle Vital, because of my character. Let's say I'm Uncle Vital endowed with computer knowledge - sort of.

Favorite Kiekeboe comic book?  Undoubtedly the classic Geef Acht!(Teeeeeeenshun!)


Kristof took a technical training in electronics and computer science. Drawing was a hobby and he took art evening classes. At Syntra he took an animation class with Wim Tilkin, as well as comic book classes with Ivan Adriaenssens.

He worked for a small production house and made billboard animations and commercial films as an independent graphic artist. He applied for a job at animation and comic book studios such as Studio Vandersteen. Unfortunately, he kept getting the answer: “You're very talented, but we don't have any openings at the moment”.

After Dirk Stallaert's departure, he tried his luck with Merho, but initially without success. When Steve Van Bael left the studio, Merho called Kristof asking him if he was still interested in trying his hand at De Kiekeboes. Kristof was a little dazed and had to sit down because it's very unusual to hear a question like that coming from the person who used to be your idol when you were a kid.

At that moment his greatest challenge began.


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